Hello World!

Welcome to the Bridge PR blog, which we are going to use to explore the world of PR and media communications in both traditional and online media platforms.

Bridge PR is currently going through a period of growth and development with the recruitment of a new Commercial Director. We are completely overhauling the business, but at the same time we will remain true to our core values of getting the best PR for our clients, many of whom are longstanding and loyal customers.

Bridge PR is looking to the future and doesn’t want to stand still. We are eager to explore new opportunities using emerging online technologies. We will also be making the most of our extensive experience to provide training courses, seminars and workshops in PR and media communications.

PR and marketing can be a fascinating world. Our resident PR guru, Gary, will bring you some of the more humorous angles to life in PR, and how others can learn from these experiences. In these days of doom, gloom and a long recession looming, we will aim to lighten the load and mood a little and give you tiny nuggets and insights into keeping your business ahead of the game. Being noticed will become increasingly important as customer numbers and more importantly the cash they spend continue to dwindle (that’s if you believe the press).

Increasing sales and profits will undoubtedly be harder in the months ahead as the credit crunch continues to bite, and marketing and PR is often one of the first functions to be hit by reducing the budgetary spend. However, good PR can still be achieved effectively if you apply some creativity.

So watch this space for inspiring thoughts


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