Good Garage Scheme comes to the aid of Bridge Damsel in Distress

Breaking down in a Northern moorland town on a wet Friday evening on one of the busiest routes in the region is not an experience I want to repeat. My car completely packed up, and wasn’t going to take me anywhere at all. I just about managed to roll it to a halt in a reasonably safe place after the clutch completely failed on me.

There were no garages open on a Friday night in the middle of a national holiday week, so I was relayed to my destination by the AA. The following morning, I set about the task of locating a garage that would not only fix my car, but also let me have a courtesy car for a few days. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the process, and so I thought why not test one of our customer’s national schemes.

Bridge does all the PR for the Good Garage Scheme and we are very good at conveying the numerous benefits of the scheme and the garages who abide by its code of conduct. It was now my time to put this to the test. Bearing in mind this was a Saturday morning, and the repair is a reasonably long one.

I logged onto the Good Garage Scheme website, typed in my postcode, and immediately I was presented with a number of different garages in my area. A quick click through the links gave me a list of all the services for each garage I was interested in, and after ringing a few of them I finally managed to locate a garage that satisfied my criteria.

The garage I decided to use in the end bent over backwards to help me, to the extent they sorted out the courtesy car for me on the Sunday, when they were normally closed. At this point I had not told them who I was, or the work I did for the Good Garage Scheme. To them I was just another ordinary customer. I was impressed.

So, does the Good Garage Scheme genuinely work? I believe it does. I was immediately presented with a choice of garages, I could see the services they offered at a glance so could quickly filter out those that weren’t able to help me, and I was armed with the knowledge that each garage on the scheme abides by a code of conduct. As a female driver this gave me some peace of mind.

I will definitely be using the Good Garage Scheme feedback system to let others know of my positive experience with the garage I chose once the job has been completed, but so far they have exceeded my expectations, and I am confident they will do a great job.

I will name the garage in the next blog once I have got my car back and I’m satisfied with their service, so watch this space!


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