The solid base of the iceberg

Irina Hutu

As I’m drinking my coffee, having just started yet another day in the office, a speech given by Trevor Morris at the university pops in my mind. Among other more serious stuff, he was talking about the fascination surrounding the PR business and the three dominant images of PR people. The most common one would be the sexy but not lovable, Macchiavellian character. Who hasn’t seen and terribly enjoyed Thank you for Smoking? What a great film! The second one, another made in Hollywood image is the cosmopolitan, consumerist Samantha Jones kind of character from Sex and the City.

Now, anyone actually working in the PR and not in the film industry could tell you these are extreme caricatures nowhere to be found in real life, not even in big name agencies. However, the fact is that the glitzy and metropolitan aura of the PR people brushing shoulders with all the important people, attending parties and doing more socialising then work partially accounts for the great number of students wanting to get in the PR business (competition alert!).

Surprisingly enough, many of them can only see the tip of the iceberg and miss out on all the content at the bottom. That doesn’t even come close to the reality of PR in our office. Whilst I’m eternally grateful for not having a Samantha Jones anywhere near my desk, I suppose a small PR agency in Coventry has to make do with the third less flashy image of PR: a strategic, serious and ethic discipline with people working together towards mutual benefits.

Well, good because that’s precisely what we’re aiming at! After spending some time in a PR agency you learn that the most of the work done and the most important is research, more research, strategic thinking, creative work and liaising with customers. If this part is done properly, it will then be materialised in an efficiently implemented branding campaign, a good press release or newsletter. But these are only tangible results, or going back to my metaphor, only the tip of the iceberg, held by an immense volume of work. And in any case, that tip does not come with a glitzy party, but with something much more rewarding, customer satisfaction.

Have a lovely day at work!


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