How to make the most of your news!

Day in day out we work enthusiastically with a wide range of businesses to help them get the most from their news.  

What is really pleasing, though, is when we take essential information from a  client’s news story to produce a blog, a newsletter item, content for their website – and a tweet. In essence, ‘multi-using’ the same information for different communication channels. In other words, slicing and dicing news material for different audiences and in different formats that they prefer to view that information in!

Bridge PR & Media Services Ltd

Gary Lillistone - Director Bridge PR & Media Services Ltd

By doing this we are making the most of our client’s investment in that initial story, making it far more worthwhile to produce an in-depth and comprehensive news release from the very beginning. We know that the new story will literally ‘spin out’ in different directions. 

We are entering the realms of ‘content marketing’! More and more firms are doing this kind of activity to gain a much wider and deeper profile of themselves and making it easier for potential customers to search them out on the internet. It can also help greatly with their search engine optimisation and Google rankings, as LinkedIn and Facebook references put them at the forefront of their listings.

The different types of information flows will have what is known as a long tail of visibility. Whereas a few years ago press releases that went to newspapers and journals would be published viewed and binned in a matter of weeks, or months at the most if a magazine was lying around in doctors’ s waiting room. Now, the information sits on the internet to be viewed across the globe for years to come and by entering a few key words can be found very easily. No need to spend endless hours searching it out in a library.

Building up your content marketing can provide businesses with an array of information about your products/services and organisation and a history of what you have done in the past. This adds to the credibility factor and can be essential with prospective customers who are looking for a stable company and one that has been successful!

Need help in building your content marketing, we are here to help!


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