Social Media Can and Does Generate Business for SMEs

If you’re looking for a particular service, where do you start looking?  Most of us immediately go to Google, and this is exactly what I did when I was looking for a local t-shirt printing company that could produce a one-off item for me.  However, a Google search for this threw up all sorts of results that didn’t really give me what I wanted.  Then I remembered something I’d seen recently on Twitter about a local company, and they had enough of a presence on this platform for me to remember who they were.  But that’s not the whole story.

The t-shirt I wanted was a belated birthday present for my cousin who is on a visit to the UK from Australia.   He last came over in September 2011, and during that visit my 12 year old daughter and I initiated him into the ‘yellow car game’ whenever we went out anywhere on the tourist trails of Warwickshire.  For those uninitiated in to this game, basically yellow cars are more rare than others, and when you spot one on your travels, you shout “Yellow Car”, and the person who has spotted the most yellow cars by the end of the journey wins.  We have all sorts of variations on this theme, but you get the picture.  My cousin is a fun-loving, larger than life character and took to this game with great gusto and it became highly competitive.  So, on this visit I thought it would be a fun idea to get him a t-shirt emblazoned with a yellow car, with the words “yellow car” printed across the bottom of the image.

Thinking this was relatively straightforward, I started contacting t-shirt printing companies, but none were really giving me what I wanted.  Part of the problem I had introduced was that the image of the yellow car was on a white background, and I needed just the yellow car on a black t-shirt.   So I began to think about who I’d recently been in contact with and remembered a printing company called Acorn who had recently started following Bridge on Twitter.  After finding their Twitter profile, I then went on to their website, and dropped them a line with my request.  The sales director emailed me back and said they were extremely busy right now, but he would try his best to meet my deadline, and yesterday I went across and collected the t-shirt.  And of course I’m delighted with the results.

Acorn is a small business based in Coventry that has recently started to use social media to help raise awareness of the company, and although they were extremely busy, they found the time to complete a one-off, quirky little job which in my opinion demonstrated their excellent customer service.

The morale of the story is that Twitter can raise your company’s profile, whatever business you’re in, it can generate leads, but your products and services do also need to be backed by good customer service.

Bridge is running a half day seminar for Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce on 3rd September at the Quality Hotel, Coventry.  The seminar is about using social media effectively to promote your business.  Why not come along, it’s free.  For more details contact either myself on or Tracy Benbow on

This blog post was written by Denise Taylor, Director of Bridge PR & Media Services Ltd. Denise  has a broad range of experience working in blue chip companies, the public sector (NHS) and SMEs across a number of industry sectors. She joined the Bridge team in 2009 and brings her expertise in strategic marketing and digital media to the team.


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