Bridging the gap between journalism and PR

By: Work placement student Leona Daly
Nottingham Trent University
Print Journalism
Cherry Healey

“As a print journalism student almost going into my third year at university you could say I have about 9 months to decide exactly what I want to do with my life. So after I panicked for a few days, I decided as much as I loved journalism I’d always been interested in working in PR. I eventually managed to secure a 3 week placement at Bridge PR & Media Services in Coventry, and decided to see what it was really all about.

After arriving at my placement, in just 24 hours I went from a trainee journalist, to a welcomed member of the team writing press releases and newsletters for some of Bridge’s loyal clients! I initially thought PR was just about managing a company’s reputation but the level of communication which is needed takes a lot of organisation and attention.

I  didn’t realise how important networking sites were in the world of PR. In the last 5 days I have joined the world of Twitter and written more tweets than I thought any human could possibly write!

During the week I’ve also learnt that Facebook and Twitter are also just some of many when it comes to social networking sites. The likes of LinkedIn and Pinterest are also part of the pack! And in order to provide successful marketing, social media is a must have when it comes to PR.

Despite it only being my first week, with the help of Bridge I have realised this is a world I’d be more than happy to work in and I’m looking forward to what the next two weeks at Bridge has in store for me.”


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