Why it’s important to understand your clients in PR….

By: Work placement student Leona Daly
Nottingham Trent University
Print Journalism
Cherry Healey

After three weeks at Bridge PR & Media Services I have learnt that in order to be successful you have to get to know your clients and understand their specific marketing needs.

I’ve also learnt how to send a press release by contacting a variety of media publications and  interacted with clients in order to ensure the PR they receive is relevant and beneficial to their business. By maintaining a good level of communication with your clients, it allows you to have a range of information which can then generate positive attention from the media.

In addition I have also gained an insight into an avenue not many companies venture into. GrowthAccelerator allows growing businesses to receive funding to achieve and even exceed their goals. Bridge has started work as a training provider to help provide strategic training and support to new and existing clients, and I have been assisting to develop marketing collateral around this.

After initially thinking PR and journalism were worlds apart I can now see the skill-set is actually quite similar. In the end, it’s all about finding the newsworthy stories.  In PR it is about understanding your client well enough to mine the stories from their business. By doing this strategically, you can make the most of media opportunities and get your client’s positive stories heard by the right people, and really increase the impact and reach.

After just three weeks at Bridge I am now even more determined to make this learning curve the start of a new career and complete my degree with the mind-set that PR will definitely be a part of my future.


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