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Latest ‘Factory’ ERP story is no slouch

A visit to Boss Design proved to be anything but a pain in the back for David in the next episode of The Factory.

boss_design_tim_2‘The Chair Man’ is the fourth instalment of this popular viral marketing campaign with David continuing his quest for the perfect ERP. In the episode, which can be found at, he goes behind the scenes at the award-winning leading manufacturer of high quality corporate seating for offices.

Boss Design has earned a reputation for producing quality products that exceed current legislation requirements. They are ergonomically engineered to help prevent back pain for people who have to sit in the same position for a long period of time. All of its products undergo rigorous posture and comfort testing.

The company integrated K3’s SYSPRO system after recognising the need to raise the standards of its operational and manufacturing practices to the level of its product offering.  It has also helped the company earn the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.

Virginia Seaward, Boss Group’s Head of Operations, said: Without SYSPRO we never would have coped and it has played a pivotal role in helping Boss Design being recognised with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.”

In ‘The Chair Man’, David takes a factory tour to learn how SYSPRO works, while taking the opportunity to sprawl on some of Boss Design’s colourful office creations and make quips about ‘cutting edge’ equipment on the factory floor.  David discovers how Boss Design has radically overhauled its operations and managed an 18 per cent year-on-year growth while improving delivery and reducing costs and inventory.

The Factory campaign again succeeds in keeping viewers entertained with a fun and visual approach to a serious topic about the benefits of K3’s ERP solutions.

Virginia added: “We saw a lot of software packages and enjoyed SYSPRO. We liked the fact that we could bespoke it to what our business needed which a lot of systems couldn’t do. We can actually get it to run the factory. We needed to know what our clients wanted, when they needed it and how they wanted it and SYSPRO does all of that..”


Bonding with the latest ‘Factory’ ERP story

Licensed to Seal

Licensed to Seal

The Factory viral marketing campaign keeps going from strength to strength, and in the latest episode, Sticky Business, David goes behind the scenes at Power Adhesives, Europe’s leading hotmelt adhesive specialists, and its sister company, Packaging Aids. 

With a James Bond theme, and armed with a glue gun and TECBOND, David is “licensed to seal”.  Of course, every sticky pun about glue is used, as David tours another factor in search of the perfect ERP solution. 

Viral marketing and PR can be an effective way of raising the profile of a business and its products, but it has to be done well, and at Bridge, we believe that K3 has achieved this. 

You can download Sticky Business, and the previous episodes, at

The electrifying story continues…

image-with-episode-2-electrifying-results1Today is another special day in the life of The Factory. It marks the launch of episode 2 of this light-hearted, but surprisingly funny mini-series that follows the exploits of the hapless and likeable David and Gareth (who you will recognise from a look-alike confident, but inept office manager in Slough, and his side-kick). They are searching for the perfect ERP solution which kicked off with an introductory episode released in February 2009. So successful was the first episode that the follow on video has become a “must view”. In reality, David is a factory boss who is out of touch with modern business systems of today, and he is under pressure to seek out companies who are using ERPs to give their businesses a real edge. His first stop is a company called Astute Electronics, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fully tested and warranted electronic components. So what, you might ask. Electronics can be a dull subject for most of us, and another press release about a business solution might not rock everyone’s boat. This is where The Factory comes into its own. Each episode is so well done and captures the expressions of David’s bemusement in the world of commerce. Here at Bridge we are thoroughly enjoying supporting this viral marketing campaign through online and traditional PR, and we look forward to each episode with bated breath, and much anticipation. You can follow The Factory at You will have to register to gain access to the full version of each episode, but it’s worth doing. And of course, not forgetting the plug for Bridge – if you want help with your online or print-based PR, then we’re the experts. Just pick up the phone, or email us. 024 7655 3333 /

The Factory campaign

Bridge PR has been helping K3 Business Technology Group to launch their hilarious viral marketing campaign: The Factory.   This is a tongue-in-cheek, humorous approach to raising awarness of K3’s ERP business solutions.  

There is a steadily growing move towards using Web 2.0 technologies, and companies are now starting to wake up to the myriad opportunities this offers for reaching much wider audiences.   The Factory is a high quality, well-produced series of short films  which looks at a “not-so-typical” company boss as he visits a selection of companies who use SYSPRO ERP. 

 The Factory campaign kicks off with a meeting, which serves as an introduction to the rest of the series.  Anyone who sees the first episode will, I’m sure, want to follow what happens.  Take a look and see what you think, and if you like the first episode then please feel free to pass the link on to your friends and colleagues:

The Factory – the quest for the perfect ERP Solution

Do let us have your comments, and if you are interested in learning more about how we can help your companies Web 2.0 PR and marketing, then get in touch with us.

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