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Piggybacking PR stories

Forte's air conditioner treatment

Forte's air conditioner treatment

One of the most effective ways of adding strength to a press release is to look at a national news story that relates to a product or service you are looking to promote.

This is known as ‘piggybacking’ and will very often beef up your own press release and make it more attractive to journalists in the trade sector and give it that added edge in gaining press coverage.

When researching, writing and issuing press releases we PRs are constantly looking for an edge to make the release look as attractive as possible. We do this by thinking of a good news angle, making it relevant to the readership and writing it in a style that can be easily edited by a newspaper or magazine.

 As an example, we work for a local Coventry company that produces an air conditioner treatment to get rid of fungi and nasty smells from vehicle air con systems. We have thought of just about every angle to push the treatment and then we spot a story about German scientists who have discovered motorists are healthier if they use their vehicle’s air con systems, rather than breath in polluted air from outside.

 This gave us the edge we needed to draft a release covering the scientist’s findings and the necessity to keep air con systems in tip top condition using my client’s treatment. job done!